806 Major Breast Diagnostic Procedures Funded So Far (patients through August 2023) !!!

1162 Total Diagnostic Procedures Funded!!!!

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Your Devoted Breast Ultrasound and Mammogram Charity

The I Love You More Foundation is actively involved in a number of programs to promote the health of women. From being a mammogram charity to helping to fund breast ultrasounds throughout the New Jersey area, we are proud to promote the health of all local women. Donate today, and you too can help fund 3D mammograms and breast ultrasounds so we can diagnose breast problems before they become a threat.

  • Average Age of Patient: 48
  • Youngest Patient: 36
  • Oldest Patient: 75
  • Current targeted demographic:  Lower Income New Jersey (cannot disclose exact locations because of privacy rules)
  • Most Common Procedure:  Breast Screening Mammography (3D)
  • Second Most Common Procedure Funded:  Digital Breast Ultrasound
  • Major Procedures Funded:  806 (through August 2023)
  • Total Procedures Funded: 1162 (through August 2023)
  • Busiest Zip Code: 07501

Updated October 2023

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I LOVE YOU MORE FOUNDATION IS A 501 (c)(3) Not for Profit ORGANIZATION (82-2909978)