1058 Major Breast Diagnostic Procedures Funded So Far (patients through April 2024) !!! (Updated in May 2024)

1526!!! Total Diagnostic Procedures Funded!!!!

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About Dr. Jan
About Dr. Jan


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The I Love You More Foundation funds at least five breast care diagnostic procedures per week, and with your help, we can continue to build upon that number. The foundation takes great pride in serving women with financial need, helping to ensure that everyone receives the best possible breast disease prevention and diagnostic care. Our foundation is devoted to ensuring that no woman is left behind when it comes to the proactive diagnosis of breast disease.

The Basis for Our Foundation

The I Love You More Foundation was established in loving memory of Dr. Jan Huston, a beloved breast cancer surgeon who was passionate about caring for her patients—regardless of their ability to pay for her services. Dr. Jan and her team's motto was to "take care of all women in a calm, kind, and caring manner" and she'd often provide free treatment to those in need. Some called her the Mother Teresa of New Jersey, which is no surprise as Mother Teresa was one of Dr. Jan's heroes.

Although Jan was trained as a nurse, clinical psychologist, general and vascular surgeon, her true love was surgically treating breast diseases in a compassionate manner. Jan believed that every woman has a right to world-class healthcare, and treated all of her patients the same - with compassion. Learn More About Dr. Jan's Legacy ›

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I LOVE YOU MORE FOUNDATION IS A 501 (c)(3) Not for Profit ORGANIZATION (82-2909978)